Friday, 5 April 2013

Php ajax file manager

cfilebrowser - An AJAX file browser widget for the Yii Famework ... This is a widget for use within the

Yii PHP framework. It uses the jQuery File Tree plugin to render the file browser. CFileBrowserWidget example ... Finding a good PHP/AJAX File Manager - 6 posts - 3 authors -

22 Aug 2011 So I'm searching for a nice simple AJAX/PHP file manager that works. All examples I've tried have some little thing wrong with them ... Is there a free PHP/AJAX file management script with directory ... I want a real easy file management script with a nice clean interface which I can run on file upload form my own hosting and password protect. I also want to be ... PHP Scripts - Tastydir - an AJAX file manager and dir listing ... - Tastydir is a cross-platform PHP file management system which allows you to not only replace your traditional FTP client but also allow your ... PHP AJAX File Manager Download - php ajax file manager Softpedia PHP AJAX File Manager (or PAFM for short) is a web-based file manager designed to give you complete control of your site's files.Source code editing is done ... ajax & php file manager api 1.1 - Scripts - Softpedia AJAX & PHP FILE MANAGER API is an application which allows you to easily manage your files on a web server. This API is a dynamic web ... php - Ajax Files browser ; What are the good practices - Stack Overflow 2 answers - 7 Mar 2011 I'm working on a file browser (a very ligth file manager if you prefer) ... You're already giving away the path to the folder with

your treeview I don't ... php ajax file manager | Free software downloads at A web/php/javascript/ajax file manager that allows create delete and rename files and directories located in de server. The xajax library is used ... PHP AJAX File Manager - Download Software Publisher review: PHP AJAX File Manager is a web-based file manager designed to give you complete control of your site's files. PHP AJAX File Manager ... Phinder: yet another PHP/AJAX file manager 15 posts - 5 authors - 11 Aug 2011 Another side web project of mine: Phinder (live demo at /; log in as either guest/guest or admin/admin to try it out) ...

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